This is the callback request body sent by Tanda to your resultUrl.

Request body params

Tanda sends a JSON request to your resultUrl on success/failure of a payment request.

idenum{transactionRef,accountName,units,pin}NID/key of the parameter
valueStringNThe contents of the parameter
labelStringYA description of the parameter ID
statusStatusNPayment status code
messageStringNPayment status description
transactionIdUUIDNTanda payment tracking ID
referenceStringYYour payment tracking ID
receiptNumberStringYTanda payment fulfilment ID
timestampTimestampNDate and time the callback was sent. yyyy-MM-hh HH:mm:ss.SSS Z
resultParameters[] ParamYA list of result parameters. Proof of payment and customer info can be found here

Result sample #1 - Successful payment

  "status": "000000",
  "message": "Payment successful",
  "transactionId": "bc49f3dc-c09d-4fe8-a243-82bfd555a666",
  "reference": "ref00001",
  "receiptNumber": "0088225566112256",
  "timestamp": "2021-06-14 10:41:18.800 +0200",
  "resultParameters": [
      "id": "transactionRef",
      "value": "LH00000000",
      "label": "Txn ref"

Result sample #2 - Failed payment

  "status": "400000",
  "message": "Request parameter accountNumber is invalid",
  "transactionId": "bc49f3dc-c09d-4fe8-a243-82bfd555a666",
  "reference": "ref00001",
  "timestamp": "2021-06-14 10:41:18.800 +0200"